Panoramic Photography

Aerial Panoramic

Panoramic photos can be aerial for large terrains, an Island, a map or a city. It is made with a drone and then about 70 photographs taken with precision and technique are added to a software for editing. The result is a super high resolution image.

Panoramic Beach Club

The procedure to take a panoramic image for a beach club, a hotel room or lobby is to handle the light properly with a special tripie and post-edition of around 50 images, resulting in a single panoramic photo in super high resolution in where you can observe every detail of the panorama.

Image taken with a Canon 5D mark lll camera and 24-70mm lens with natural light


Foto aƩrea de mancha urbana de Puerto Morelos

The procedure to take a panoramic image of an urban spot with a drone is to find the right midpoint and height so as not to lose detail. The procedure is similar as it is on land but a panoramic aerial image involves a couple of variants such as the uniform sunlight and that the wind is not very strong so that it does not move the drone an inch. Later we edit about 120 photographs for an urban spot of a dimension of approximately 5km x 3km.